Welcome to the Kyle Karate Club

Are you curious about or have an interest in martial arts
Would you like to improve your level of fitness?

Kyle Karate Club has been established for over 40 years practicing in Ayr and the surrounding area.

We practice and teach traditional karate based on Shotokai as developed by Mitsusuke Harada who was awarded his 5th Dan by the great master Gichin Funakoshi.

To find out more about Shotokai Karate, please have a look at the Shotokai section.

To view our practice and course schedules please visit the Practice Schedule section.

Karate is a form of self defence, it trains you to defend yourself using your own body movement. It is fun to learn and regular training improves your fitness and flexibility as well as your concentration and dexterity.

Our instructors are informal and friendly and trained up to 4th Dan level. As a club we all strive to develop and improve, individually and collectively. We practice four nights a week at venues in Ayr, Alloway and Troon. We find that giving a choice of venues and times makes it easier for people to fit in karate with their otherwise busy schedules.

Gender, age or current level of fitness is no barrier to benefiting and learning from the practice of karate. Everyone is welcome and valued for their contribution.

As well as improving your general level of fitness our style of karate can help you to relax and become more aware of your body and your environment. We do not take part in competitions but concentrate more on self improvement and having a greater understanding of karate in its purist form both spiritually and physically.

If you have any questions please telephone 07882471948 (Andy), 07745741792 (Jim) or email us at [email protected].