Karate Terms


  • Zenkutsu

    Front stance: back leg straight, feet shoulder width.

  • Kokutsu

    Back stance: weight on back leg, hip above ankle, feet in line.

  • Kiba dachi

    Horse riding stance

  • Fudo dachi

    Immovable stance, back leg as in kiba dachi, front leg as in zenkutsu.

  • Areas of the Body

  • Gedan

    Lower torso, stomach.

  • Chudan

    Middle torso, chest.

  • Jodan

    Throat and head.

  • Blocks

  • Gedan Barai

    Lower level block.

  • Age-uke

    Upper level block (throat/head).

  • Ude-uki

    Fist shoulder height, elbow 90%, inside to out.

  • Uch-komi

    Fist shoulder height, elbow 90%, outside to in.

  • Teisho

    Heel of hand inside to out.

  • Shuto

    Edge of hand.

  • Strikes with hand/elbow

  • Oizuke

    Front punch, same hand, same foot.

  • Gyakuzuke

    Punch with back hand.

  • Empi

    Strike with elbow.

  • Kicks

  • Mae-geri

    Front snap kick.

  • Keagi

    Side snap kick.

  • Kekomi

    Side thrust kick.

  • Fumakomi

    Downward stamp/ thrust to shin.

  • Mawashi

    Roundhouse kick