Frequently Asked Questions

What can I gain from Shotokai Karate?
Whether it is fitness, relaxation, self defence or just a socialising and making friends, you will gain as much from practicing as you put into it.
What level of fitness is required?
If your fit enough to go a brisk walk, you are fit enough to begin practising. As with all physical activities, check with your doctor if you have a known medical condition.
Is there an upper age limit?
No, suitable for all ages.
Should I expect to be punched and kicked?
No, our practices are focused on avoiding being punched or kicked through movement and the correct use of techniques, incorporating timing, balance, breathing etc. No-one is put in a situation where they are expected to practice out of their depth, but through regular practice to increase their proficiency.
Will I be pressured into practising, being graded or attending tournaments?
You are welcome to practice as frequently as you like, everyone learns at different speeds. In addition to our weekly practices we have 3 weekend courses a year, to which everyone is invited.
How long will it take me to master Karate?
There is no set time to gain a high level of proficiency, it is dependent on your willingness to learn and how you apply yourself. It is a life long learning curve. Unlike other more physical martial arts where your skills decline as you age, with Shotokai as your understanding of technique, timing and balance increases you can continue to improve as you get older.
When do I learn the secret techniques?
There is no shortcuts or secrets, dedication, practice and a willingness to learn is all that is required.
What should I wear\ bring to the first class?
Wear loose fitting clothing i.e. tracksuit bottoms and loose T shirt, practice is always in bare feet. It is advisable to bring something to drink, practice can be thirsty work.

If you have any questions please telephone on 07882471948 (Andy), 07745741792 (Jim) or email us at [email protected].