Dojo Etiquette



Bow when entering or leaving the practice area ( traditionally called the "mat" ).
Remove shoes before stepping on to the practice area. Practicing in bare feet is not fun with grit and stones on the floor.
Bow to your partner at the start and finish of each practice. This is a sign of respect for each other.
No swearing or shouting during a practice session.
Pay attention at all times and do not talk whilst the instructor is talking.
Do not chew gum, refrain from yawning and being disrespectful to your instructor.
Always obey the instructors commands as swiftly as you can.
Concentrate on what you have been asked to do, and not what you would like to be doing.
Do not engage in horseplay. This disrupts the practice for others and may lead to injuries for you.
Where possible remove or cover all jewellery, rings, bracelets etc.
Switch off or put on silent all mobile phones unless essential and cleared by the instructor prior to the start of the practice.
Please try to turn up early for practices and warm up whilst waiting for practice to commence.
If you are late for a practice, change quickly and wait at the side to be invited to join the practice by the instructor.
Please try to turn up for every practice and inform your instructor if you will be unable to attend. You wouldn't be amused if you turned up and your instructor was not there.