Prices and Costs

We believe that it is better for people thinking of trying Shotokai karate to experience a taste of it rather than
sitting watching us enjoying ourselves therefore, your first practice session with us will be absolutely free of charge.

Once you have decided to join us, there are two main costs which are depends on the age of the person, the club
membership fee (paid once a year) and the normal training fee (paid at the start of each practice session).
The table below shows the current costs for each of these.

  Please note: You are a Junior member if you are under 16 years of age
Membership Type Annual Membership Fee Practice Fee
Adult £24.00 £4
Junior £12.00 £2

The only other costs associated with our practice are the purchase of a karate suit or Gi ( pronounced Gee ), buying a new belt
when you change grade and the fee for any weekend course you attend.

The suits and belts can be purchased at local sports shops, but the club can obtain discounted equipment for our members and can generally offer
these items at a lower price than the shops. New suits usually come with a white belt so you won't need to buy one of those.